Still Rolling in 2017

The barn door trend is still full steam ahead, turning up on every inch of the internet and across popular design shows. There is no denying barn door hardware offers space saving style that can be used in an array of applications. In each project, it provides a quick solution for a variety of spaces. It has taken the interior world by storm and is officially a staple in many designs.

While the standard designs of barn door hardware are still the most common throughout Pinterest boards across the country, slowly new styles and finishes are creeping into the market. From genuine rustic finishes to crisp modern metal, barn door hardware has created the right style to fit any interior door application. When installing a barn door the variety of benefits combined with its overwhelming design popularity make it a no brainer. See below for just a few convincing factors on why your next unit should be a barn door!
Sliding barn doors take up less floor space than traditional doors, which makes them great for spaces that are limited on floor space.

  • Visually appealing. Barn doors provide a distinct look that separates a room or area, but also act as a work of art simultaneously.
  • Versatility in design. A variety of offerings means no matter your project’s style there is sure to be a track and hardware to compliment and elevate the design.
  • Budget friendly. Headache free installation and reasonable prices make barn door hardware a beautiful option, that doesn't break the bank.
  • Increase in home value. A study from Zillow Digs found that descriptions listing the term “barn doors” brought the highest premium and on average sold for 13% higher than expected.

While keeping all of these and many more perks in mind, be sure to head over to the selection of barn door hardware available through Teem Wholesale. New to the offerings includes soft closure add-ons to avoid the slamming and clanging and also double bypass tracks. For the larger than normal areas or for a slightly different look the use of a bypass track is a great way to put a twist on the interior barn door phenomenon.