Behind the Profiles


Patriot Hardwood Moulding products were introduced in 2006 from Teem Wholesale. This line of moulding offerings continues to rapidly expand and progress. The profiles that you see displayed on the website (, and throughout the Patriot catalogs are only a small sample of the growing capabilities available.

Housed in our 100,000 square foot facility Teem Wholesale is equipped to produce a diverse range of moulding products to supply any type of project. On any given day you will find our warehouse stocked with upwards of 200,000 board feet of rough lumber in a variety of species. Teem Wholesale sources this product from the finest lumber available in the Appalachian region. Once your order is placed this lumber is tabulated, ripped, and possibly re-sawn to achieve the best yield. First, the lumber is ran through the Cameron Automation rip-saw. This machine has a two blade moveable saw and 12" arbor. If the pieces can then be resawn they are ran through the Baker Products 12" resaw. In this event we are able to achieve twice as many boards increasing the value of your moulding and allowing us to keep our costs significantly lower. As these pieces work their way through the process and various stages of equipment they are monitored and sorted by hand for defects to maintain the high quality desired. Based on the specifications of the order, the lumber will be fed through one of three Weinig moulders. The three moulders consist of the Unimat 500, Unimat 318, and the Unimat 1000. The Unimat 500 and 318 are the major work horses, and run majority of the Patriot Hardwood Moulding line. 


Each of these moulders runs an average of 30 feet/minute while in operation. Both are automated with Weinig technology to communicate with our in-house grinding room for faster set-ups. In the grinding room the knives for the six head moulders will be ground and maintained to a tolerance of +/- 0.005 inches to guarantee the best quality. 

The Unimat 1000 runs an average of 40 feet/minute, and uses knives ground with a tolerance of +/- 0.003 inches. Patriot Hardwood Moulding has the ability to run 2’ to 16’ lengths. 

This being said for stock and any random length runs we strive for a goal of an 11’-12’ average. Our staff is constantly watching and monitoring for defects that will require a cut-back to insure only the highest quality product makes the trip to your finish shop.

Teem Wholesale is always looking to improve and add upgrades to our process and equipment.

One of the newest upgrades is the addition of a cross-cut optimizing saw. After being moulded the material is marked with a florescent crayon at all defect areas. As the material is ran through the saw, sensors throughout the machine detect the marks made and proceeds to cut accordingly.This piece of equipment will improve our efficiency on moulding runs requiring accurate cuts. With the ability to sort for length and color effectively and accurately, it allows us to improve our offerings in a variety of OEM and other moulding programs requiring mass quantities.

Whether your order is large or small, by selecting Patriot Hardwood Mouldings, you know you are choosing a process focused on quality and 

efficiency. Through the equipment options and process in-house, each profile is ran to ensure the best value for your project. The selection of profiles continues to grow, even if you can't find the profile you are looking for, send over a sample piece or trace of the profile you are looking to replicate and we can get a knife created for those exact specs. Patriot Hardwood Mouldings is currently running on a 2-3 week lead time and is ready to tackle your next trim order!