Instant Curb Appeal


First impressions are extremely important; especially when it comes to your home. The exterior front door sets the standard for your home. It is in place to protect your family, impress your neighbors, and catch an eye of a passerby. A front entrance is the first thing you see when you arrive and your last impression when you leave. Exterior front doors have significant importance in a variety of projects. From DIY to those looking to sell, a new exterior door unit is the solution to instant curb appeal.

In 2016 Hanley Wood produced a Cost vs. Value report across the country. The data, which was broke down regionally, determined which home improvement projects gave homeowners the most bang for their buck on. To better aid majority of your customer base, we were able to look at the statistics within Teem Wholesale’s direct service area of Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan. When conducting a midrange improvement project within the East North Central region, entry door replacements were returning on average over 75% of their cost on Fiberglass Exterior doors and over 80% on Steel exterior doors. An entry door replacement project, whether fiberglass or steel, proved to be in the top 5 projects to receive the most return on your investment.

Teem Wholesale offers a variety of exterior doors to suit any project. Fiberglass exterior doors, wood exterior doors, and steel exterior doors are all available in a multitude of styles. If you are looking to add an extra design element to your front entrance, glass is available to fit a variety of aesthetics, along with coordinating sidelites and transoms in specific offerings. There is no reason to wait on a new exterior door, a number of glass and paneled exterior doors are kept in stock! Order yours today before the winter cold starts creeping in! Take a peak in the Teem Wholesale Interior & Exterior Stock door catalog to find your style! All other exterior door catalogs are offered for download here as well.

Don't forget Teem also manufacturers its’ own line of solid wood exterior doors through the Liberty Door Series. Manufactured at the Teem Wholesale facility in Ohio City, each Liberty door is brought to life by Teem’s finest custom craftsmen. Liberty Series doors are able to create the door you've been dreaming of, in the luxurious hardwood of your choice. Take a peek at the Liberty Series catalog and start creating today!