New to Stock! Winslow 3P

As Masonite released the designs of the Heritage Series to the public, talk instantly began to stir. The long awaited molded flat panel designs have hit stores periodically throughout the first few quarters of 2015, with the exception of the Logan 2 panel design set to be released in Q3. With the buzz came a solid log of requests, particularly, for the 3 panel craftsman design dubbed the Winslow. The Winslow molded door features a 3 panel craftsman style with 45 degree angle sticking for a sleek, square design. A primed, smooth surface is perfect for painting, and allows versatility for this door to perform at a high caliber in any space, of any style. Its popularity among modern and classic homes alike continues to grow. Teem Wholesale has decided to take this opportunity to elevate our stock offerings to better suit you and your customer's wants and needs. Stock inventory of the Winslow door is now in warehouse and ready for your next order. No more 3-4 week wait! Winslow slabs can be available on your next delivery! If you are in search for a complete pre-hung unit, extend the lead time to 1 week and the complete unit can be at your facility! See below for stock sizes and features. Please be advised other sizes and features are available, but will have the extended 3-4 week lead time.

Stocked Winslow  ---  Molded 3 panel Craftsman Specs
  • 1-3/8" // Smooth
  • Hollow & Solid Core Construction
  • Door Sizes
    1/6, 2/0, 2/4, 2/6, 2/8 & 3/0
  • Bifold Sizes [hollow core ONLY]
    2/0, 2/6 & 3/0