Sliding in Style

The barn door style has slid in as a staple throughout the industry. Showing up continuously over home and remodeling designs, this phenomenon is here to stay. The classic barn door has now evolved into a versatile tool that can be used in a variety of spaces and décor. Loved for more than just its look, sliding door track has confirmed it is a system that brings just as many benefits in addition to its beauty.













A common misconception is that this style can only be used in combination with a rustic, reclaimed door design which is far from the truth. Modern door styles are being used as frequently as rustic materials in today’s homes, especially in combination with barn door hardware. Each creates a great transition from room to room, and is often used as an emphasis piece to become a welcoming contrast to the interior space. 

The length of the track provides superior strength, safety, and durability, as the weight of the door can be distributed across the entire track. This gives more stylistic freedom to allow for a heavier, over-sized door to create a lasting impression throughout the home.

The large desire for this style stems commonly from its recent trending look; however its functionality alone can prove to be the advantage for many homeowners and designers. Although you lose the wall space, you don’t have the issues associated with jamming pocket doors and the headaches that have been associated with them for years. Particularly where floor space is limited, barn doors gain the wasted space the swing of a standard door would cause. By sliding along the wall, it is the best space saving solution to continue the flow of a home. With a range of uses in a variety of rooms, this hardware can be found anywhere in the home. Popular uses include closets, pantries, bathrooms, laundry rooms, room partisans; virtually any space. The creativity doesn’t have to stop there; barn door hardware has also been utilized as custom design features to conceal televisions, installed as window shutters, and used to separate meeting and conference rooms in office spaces. No matter the environment Teem Wholesale is able to provide the barn door hardware and interior doors you need.

Teem Wholesale is a supplier of three distinct and timeless designs in our barn door track and hardware. The designs (shown below) include straight and bent strap, and a top mount. Matte black, stainless steel, and bronze finishes give each design its own character to fit your room. The barn door hardware comes complete with a kit and instruction guide for application. Call Teem Wholesale today for pricing and lead times!

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