STOCK! // Plain Iron Baluster

Our most popular style is stocked and ready to ship!

Chic, modern styles are swarming the new home builds and renovations of today's market. Your customers are looking for that timeless, yet trendy solution to ensure their home never looses its wow factor, and what would be better than the classic, plain, satin black baluster. Much like the iconic little black dress is to any closet, these balusters are a staple to any staircase. Whether working on a classic farm or even a luxury lake house this satin black baluster will provide an open, luxurious design to complete the perfect stairwell. This design can easily be incooperated in any home for a swift transition from level to level without closing off or over powering a space. Classic to contemporary and every style in between, plain iron balusters are no longer a trend, but a neccessity to solve all your staircase needs.

Teem Wholesale also stocks a variety of other classic styles in the Regal Stairs iron baluster collection. If you can't find exactly what you need to fit your style there are a number of special order designs and finishes available. Browse the complete offering online or download the Regal Stairs Iron Series catalog! Take a step in the right direction and call Teem Wholesale today!