Teem Effort Earns Gold

This week, the 2013 BIA Parade of Homes opened the doors to 13 new homes in Jerome Village in Jerome Township, Union County near Columbus, OH to showcase Columbus millwork in a dramatic fashion. Each of the 13 homes, feature custom designs and products and offer a new realm of inspiration for designers, builders, and home owners alike.

“Naturally inviting. Awe inspiring.” Is the theme for this year’s parade and Teem Wholesale was proud to accommodate the custom needs for this year’s Romanelli & Hughes Custom Home Builders’ coastal themed oasis. To create a unique coastal theme in the heart of central Ohio is a difficult task, but was pulled off in magnificent fashion this year at the 2013 BIA Parade of Homes with the custom millwork in Ohio. In addition to many other awards, this home was given the distinct honor of the Gold Award for its special feature. The special feature of the home was the trim package, which consisted of custom hardwood flooring and Liberty Doors manufactured by Teem Wholesale Inc. 


This 5,048 sq. ft. home features beautiful hardwood floors made of ash hardwood from Patriot Hardwood Mouldings. Teem Wholesale used the premium American hardwood to create the ideal floors to complete the vision Romanelli & Hughes had in mind. With a hardwood hardness scale of 1320 the ash hardwood flooring is harder than Red Oak, but still not as hard as Hickory. National Door and Trim worked directly with Kristen Duchemin, the Romanelli & Hughes interior designer, to create the ideal finish found on the floors. Through numerous finishing trials of dark and light hardwood floor, they decided to utilize a “weathered” look to create that old hardwood floors feel with superior quality. Each board was hand finished with a wire brush to pull the softwood out of the hard grain allowing for the specific look for this home. Before installing wood flooring it was finished with waterborne polyurethane with Aluminum Oxide to provide the floors with the most durable hardening agent available in wood floor finishes. The floors add an inviting touch as you walk throughout this spectacular home.


This dream home also features Teem Wholesale Liberty doors on all three levels. The internal design of the home needed doors that complimented the east coast home and design. To complete the home design trend the flat four panel Liberty Door design (L-401F) was chosen. Continuing with the superior custom quality of the home a custom “step” panel was created to add depth and dimension with a crisp modern look. Through the Liberty Door Series all of these custom options were able to satisfy the designs needs with a superior quality to other Columbus doors. To add to the beauty of the Liberty Doors, National Door and Trim provided a custom gray matte finish that was produced for Romanelli & Hughes and this home. The finish gives the matte look, but continues the ultimate smooth finish that each and every Liberty Door provides. Beautiful to the eye and smooth to touch, the Liberty Doors featured throughout the Romanelli & Hughes home adds a whole new level of beauty and satisfaction.

As you walk throughout the parade it is as if you have stepped directly into a featured interior design magazine. If you are in or around the Columbus area, be sure to stop in to the 2013 BIA Parade of Homes in Jerome Village to see first-hand the custom capabilities and superior quality that Teem Wholesale has to offer. Each and every home has breathe taking and inspiring features, making this parade a do not miss! For more event details of the 2013 BIA Parade of Homes please visit their website: www.biaparade.com