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Patriot Moulding Info

In most cases Teem Wholesale will allow you to specify specific lengths up to 100-LF per stock profile on your order. If your order exceeds this 100-LF amount, Patriot Hardwood Moulding operates off of a requested vs. required process. Please see below for a more detailed explanation of both terms.

  • RequestedYour specified lengths will be noted on the order and pulled as close to spec as possible. However, it does not guarantee that you will receive the footage in the exact lengths. This is due to multiple factors such as knots, trim cut-backs, etc. In this situation, we may ship up to 10% extra footage to make sure your "usable" footage specified is covered. There is not an up-charge in this situation; you are only invoiced for the footage shipped.
  • Required: The lengths listed with your moulding order are required and will be ran through our moulding production. In this instance you will receive the "required" specified lengths on your order with very minimal over-run, if any. This usually extends the lead time and incurs an up-charge of 20%. If your order is under a 1500-LF threshold, it will also be subject to a setup fee.

interior door specs

Teem Wholesale Standard machining Specs for Singles & Doubles [#100, #200, #300, #400, #500]

Click here for available HINGE COLORS for interior prehungs

Louver Doors

Please specify the direction of your louvers in relation to hinges on each Louver door unit, see below for description.